February 2013

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P1080065Exciting news! I have been shortlisted for the Amateur gardener Award. The winners will be presented with their awards mid March at a Gala dinner held in Marlborough Town Hall. Black tie.  Goodness, can I find a frock? Must have one somewhere.

We had two beautiful days on the 17th and 18th February 2013. It felt like it was suddenly time to start getting the garden ready for the new season. I managed to get all the grass mown short; the first time since last year. I began the pleasant task of cutting down all last year’s perennials. I love to leave them all winter ; they provide protection for the soil, hiding places for over wintering critters and they look stunning in deep hoar frost; gilded in white. ( if that is not a mis use of the word gilded)

But now that the biting cold has returned it feels like midwinter again. So I’m keeping those bird feeders topped right up. There are six or seven different feeders with foods to suit all bird types. Half apples for the blackbirds too if they can get there before the deer and foxes yaffle them.