March 15th 2013

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Well, the exciting news is that I did actually receive First prize for the Amateur gardener award 2013 for  Wiltshire Life. I feel quite

humbled as the other two shortlisted on my table where both very experienced gardeners with so much knowledge. ( and by the sounds

of it both had amazing gardens.) We three swopped our stories and we have all agreed that we will visit each others gardens this year.

wiltshire life

The awards ceremony at Marlborough Town Hall was a wonderful evening compared by the

inimitable Sue Davies from BBC Wiltshire radio. ( she’s so funny)  There were many awards;

from best restaurant, best young initiative, best business, best green business, best carer etc. It

was  wonderful the way so many hard working, enterprising people were given so much

recognition. Feted for an evening with champagne and fine food all at the expense of

Wiltshire Life and it’s sponsors. So, thank you very much to all of them.