May 2013

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The latest news!  We opened up the garden on Sunday 26th on the National Garden Scheme for the second year. We placed bets on how many people we thought would come, starting at 56 averaging 160 and a wild out there bid of 250. Linda, Matthew’s mum won the prize of a bar of Green and Blacks chocolate for her seemingly outrageously optimistic estimate of 250. We had 265 people, of which 250 were paying visitors.

…..and we raised £1000 for charity. Howz that?

Yellow-Book-2012-cover-v2_biggerWe have just had the two best weather days of the year so far and Sunday was one of them.  And it was such a pleasure to watch people simply having a lovely time, sunning themselves, enjoying their tea and cake and warm for once!!  Mum and Dad were over from Mallorca to join in the fray, being extremely helpful doing last minute picking over of  winter damage on evergreen shrubs; running the net through the koi pond;  clearing desicated moss out of a brick ornamental lawn edging, sweeping the flagstones. A big  Thanks to everyone who helped us that day: Mum,  Dad, Matthew, Linda and my lovely Marie Curie girls who did the teas for us. Roll on the next one on Sunday 16th June.